Tiny dots of blankness make the mighty Space


What is Mars@Home?

Mars@Home is a nonprofit public Volunteer Computing project. You can install our client Software to take part in the effort.

Why Mars@Home?

There have been no collective and persistent efforts to solve the biggest problems humanity is facing. Mars@Home aims to encourage researchers and provide resources for their solution.

What problems does it solve?

Our immediate focus is Climate Change and Poverty. Feel free to submit your email on home page so you could latter submit other projects to run on the Mars@Home architecture.

How is Mars@Home different from SETI@home?

Our goal is to solve Real Life problems.

How Can I contribute?

To become part of the effort, install the Mars@Home for Google Chrome from Chrome Store.

What is long term Vision of the Project?

Solve problems at home and make life multiplanetary.

Why are you starting with Image Labeling?

We thought labeling Unsplash photos using tensorflow.js in browser would be a fun activity for our early adopters. But that's not the goal. The real development is yet to happen.

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It's Open Source and community driven effort!

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